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Tyson Red Label

Palmer Foodservice - 05/18/2018
We've partnered with Tyson to bring you quality new items ->Read More

Almost Time for the Holidays

Palmer Foodservice - 11/07/2017
Let Palmer Foodservice help you with those big holiday parties!! ->Read More

Ham It Up

Palmer Foodservice - 09/12/2017
We have armed our sales force with all of the knowledge of ham ->Read More

NEW Fire Braised Chicken

Palmer Foodservice - 05/22/2017
Introducing a new product from Hormel, the Fire Braised Chicken Breast! Click here for recipes! ->Read More

Cinco de Mayo Sales Meeting

Palmer Foodservice - 05/08/2017
Our May sales meeting was filled with so many delicious smells and wonderful summer recipes! ->Read More

Chicken Fried Recipes

Palmer Foodservice - 03/17/2017
Creative recipes for our Chicken Fried Chicken and Chicken Fried Steak ->Read More

Spring Recipes with Hormel

Palmer Foodservice - 03/08/2017
Ready for the weather to change? Get in the spring mood with these recipes! ->Read More

February 3rd Sales Meeting

Palmer Foodservice - 02/06/2017
A few snap shots from our sales meeting and some fun, new recipes! ->Read More

American Foods Group and an American Holiday

Palmer Foodservice - 06/30/2016
Gearing up for a big Fourth of July party? Let us help! ->Read More

It's all about the Marketing!

Palmer Foodservice - 04/21/2016
Our April Sales Meeting was all about marketing! and we couldn't be more excited! ->Read More

Luck of the ... DISH

Palmer Foodservice - 03/16/2016
A fun and festive post filled with St. Patrick's Day dishes and goodies! ->Read More

A Touch of Cajun Cookin'

Palmer Foodservice - 03/04/2016
Spring is all but here and who doesn't love a little Cajun cooking? LA Fish Fry has what you need! ->Read More

Merry Christmas from Palmer Foodservice

Palmer Foodservice - 12/17/2015
It has been a very eventful year at Palmer Foodservice and we would like to thank all of you! ->Read More

A Thanksgiving Spread

Palmer Foodservice - 11/09/2015
Thanksgiving is just under three weeks away! Let us help you be overly prepared! ->Read More

A Halloween Treat

Palmer Foodservice - 09/30/2015
A special blog post for all of you who get excited about the spooky holiday coming up this month! ->Read More

Mac Palmer Scholarship

Palmer Foodservice - 08/18/2015
A brief look at the Mac Palmer Scholarship luncheon ->Read More

July Sales Meeting

Palmer Foodservice - 07/17/2015
A recap from our July 10th Sales Meeting ->Read More

Star Spangled Burger

Palmer Foodservice - 07/01/2015
Gearing up for the big Fourth of July weekend? Let Palmer Foodsevice help! ->Read More

A Man and His Grill.. A Father's Day Special

Palmer Foodservice - 06/19/2015
In honor of Father's Day we have a whole post dedicated to dads! There's also a picture contest! ->Read More

Happy Memorial Day

Palmer Foodservice - 05/22/2015
Memorial weekend is always a big kick off to summer but what it truly stands for is so much greater! ->Read More

Little Italy Digital Box Tutorial

Palmer Foodservice - 05/05/2015
A Step-By-Step tutorial with PDF downloads and videos on how to install the digital box! ->Read More

April Sales Meeting

Palmer Foodservice - 04/16/2015
We had such a great sales meeting on Friday and cannot wait to share it with you! Ask your DSR today ->Read More

Here Comes Peter Cottontail

Palmer Foodservice - 03/20/2015
Spring is here and Easter is just around the corner! ->Read More

Fish on Friday for Lent

Palmer Foodservice - 02/27/2015
Just a few recipes to add to you Lent Friday favorites! ->Read More

February Sales Meeting

Palmer Foodservice - 02/10/2015
Another Sales Meeting for 2015 has come and gone, click to see what was featured this month! ->Read More

Hello 2015

Palmer Foodservice - 01/13/2015
Happy New Year! We just had our first sales meeting of the year, and we think it was great! ->Read More

Inventory How To and What Not

Palmer Foodservice - 12/12/2014
It's time to take inventory! Palmer Foodservice has a few tips to help you out this year! ->Read More

Holiday Feast

Palmer Foodservice - 11/18/2014
The holidays are here! Let the feasts, parties, and family fun begin! ->Read More

November Sales Meeting and Cookbook

Palmer Foodservice - 11/07/2014
Today was our monthly sales meeting at Palmer Foodservice! Lots of new items and recipes for you!! ->Read More

Palmer Produce

Palmer Foodservice - 10/30/2014
Palmer Foodservice has tons of fresh produce! We have fall faves and catering trays! Check it out! ->Read More

Current Commodity Reports

Palmer Foodservice - 10/23/2014
Want to know how the market is trending? Find out here!! ->Read More

Let's ampliFRY your menu with Lamb-Weston

Palmer Foodservice - 10/17/2014
In honor of our new Power Partner we want to ampliFRY your menu! ->Read More

Friday Cleaning Tips

Palmer Foodservice - 10/10/2014
A clean environment is very important in the foodservice industry and we have a few tips for you! ->Read More