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Let's ampliFRY your menu with Lamb-Weston

Palmer Foodservice - 10/17/2014

We are so excited about our new partnership with Lamb-Weston that we wanted to share with you ways to amplify your menu by adding a second (or third) fry choice to your menu! Lamb-Weston has been a leading supplier of fries and other frozen potato products for over 60 years! That is quite a record!! Choosing a new item for your menu can be difficult, but with the high-quality potato products from Lamb-Weston you can feel safe with your choice!

LET'S ampliFRY!

Lamb-Weston has tons of options for expanding your fry menu. Don't believe us? Just look below at all the different Lamb-Weston products you can get from us at Palmer Foodservice!


545188 - Microbrew Platter French Fry, 6/5 LB pack size
555031 - Seasoned Junior Jo Jo French Fry, 6/5 LB pack size
555041 - 3/8" Regular Cut Skin On French Fry, 6/5 LB pack size
555057 - Colossal Crisp French Fry, 6/5 LB pack size
555527 - Steakhouse X-Long Premium French Fry, 6/5 LB pack size

Sweet Potato:

399240 - Sweet Things Potato Fry, 5/3 LB pack size
555033 - Seasoned Rib Cut Sweet Potato Fry, 3/5 LB pack size
555035 - Sweet Potato Cubes, 3/5 LB pack size
555038 - Seasoned Sweet Potato Platter French Fry, 3/5 LB pack size

Specialty Cut:

555022 - Oval Sliced Natural Skin On Potato, 6/5 LB pack size
555025 - Seasoned 8-Cut Potato Wedge, 6/4.5 LB pack size
555036 - 1/2" Crinkle Cut French Fry, 6/4.5 LB pack size
555032 - Tempura Crisscut French Fry, 6/5 LB pack size
555044 - Spiced Crispy Potato Cubes, 6/6 LB pack size
555047 - 1/2" Crinkle Cut French Fry PXL, 6/5 LB pack size
Talk to your sales rep today about how you can ampliFRY your menu!!
click the image above for more on how to ampliFRY your menu!!