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Little Italy Digital Box Tutorial

Palmer Foodservice - 05/05/2015

Happy Cinco de Mayo!! We hope you all are enjoying this beautiful weather that Tennessee is experiencing lately! Blue skies, sunshine and 70+ degrees, it just doesn’t get much better than that!

Palmer Foodservice has been busy, busy, busy with our new Little Italy Digital Menu board program! We released this program in January and it has sky-rocketed faster than we ever anticipated! So thank you to all who have helped us exceed our goals with this new endeavor!

We wanted to change up our blog post today and provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to set up our digital boxes.

Everything you will need to set up and mount your digital box, excluding the USB mouse, comes in one box and shipped directly to you.


Step 1:

If you are using the Wi-Fi option for this box, connect the Wi-Fi Antennae to the box of the digital box.

Step 2:

Connect power source pieces and plug the base into the wall outlet and the auxiliary plug into back of the digital box.

*A blue light will appear on the battery box to assure the power is working

Step 3:

Connect the HDMI cable to the back of the box and into the back of your TV.

Step 4:

Connect your USB mouse to one of the four USB ports on the back of your digital box

Step 5:

Turn on your box and your TV

Note: A message box will appear informing that there is not a Wi-Fi connection and will ask to “retry” with a 30 second count down or to “cancel”. Click “retry”.

If you are using the Ethernet/Hardwire option: at this point connect your ethernet cord to the port on the back of the digital box and the other end of the cord to the phone jack in your establishment. 


Step 1:

Using your mouse, drag the pointer to the top left corner of your screen, and drag down along the edge. A pop-out menu will appear, left click Wireless Setup icon which is the fourth icon down the list. This will bring up Network Connections and your Keyboard

Step 2:

In the Network Connections screen left click your Wi-Fi name, it will then ask for your password. Using your mouse type in your password and hit enter.

Step 3:

Once you are connected, closeout of the Network Connections and Keyboard. Go to the top right corner of your TV screen and click the Settings Icon (see below). In the settings menu left click “restart” to restart your digital box.

You will now see your welcome page. 


Click on the PDF below for a printout of the Set Up instructions


Click HERE for a video tutorial on how to connect to Wi-Fi.

Or print the above PDF for steps to connect to Wi-Fi


We hope you found this tutorial to be helpful and informative!