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A Man and His Grill.. A Father's Day Special

Palmer Foodservice - 06/19/2015

This Sunday is Father's Day, and being a family owned and operated company we wanted to dedicate this post to all of the dads out there...and their grills. 

There is a special bond between a man and his grill. And grilling options are endless! There are burgers, steaks, porkloin, ribs, chicken, grilled vegetables, grilled potatoes, grilled get the point.

Today we want to highlight BURGERS!! 

Grilled burgers are a summer staple food in most households. And why not, they are easy, delicious, and you can change up the toppings for something beyond "the classic" buger. Check out this list of burger choices --> 

Looking for a great tasting burger that looks hand-patted? Look no further than the Stratos Cloud burgers from Rochester! Palmer Foodservice stocks this product in various sizes!

357812 - 12 oz Stratos Seasoned Beef Patty - 20/12 oz

357825 - 8 oz Stratos Seasoned Beef Patty - 30/8 oz

357835 - 5.3 oz Stratos Seasoned Beef Patty - 45/5.3 oz

3578445 - 4 oz Stratos Seasoned Beef Patty - 60/4 oz

526021 - 8 Oz Stratos Cloud Angus Beef Patty - 30/8 oz


To enter the contest email us or post on our Facebook Page a picture of dad and his grill! The most creative image will win one case of ALL BEEF FRANKS from Elm Hill!!! We will announce the winner next Friday June 26! 

Have a great weekend and a Happy Father's Day!