The Dish

July Sales Meeting

Palmer Foodservice - 07/17/2015

Last Friday we had an excellent sales meeting! With a new structured meeting we were able to get a little more hands on with some of our products!


To kick off our meeting Stephen Ashburn with Alley Cat Tea gave us an introduction of himself and his product! Located in Murfreesboro, TN this original fruit tea is something everyone needs to try! It’s the perfect combination of southern sweet tea and natural fruit flavors! and just look at their AWESOME car!


Our featured vendor for this month was Ruiz Foods. Susan Jones gave a 40 minute presentation of her whole line and we were impressed! Tamales, burritos, enchiladas, cheesecake bites, and tornado roller-grill items! It’s amazing what all you can do with these products!



Sherri VanGrevenhof with General Mills came in to talk to our guys as well! She made a delicious breakfast sticky biscuit, and had some deep conversations with a few of our guys!


Russell Hatcher from Saalfeld brought in a few new items from Stalk Market to show our guys! Stalk Market produces paper products such as plates, containers, and cups that environmentally friendly as well as aesthetically pleasing and excellent functionality.


To wrap up our meeting we celebrated the 80th birthday of Doc Smith! Doc has been a sales rep for Palmer Foodservice for over 20 years! Happy Birthday Doc!!