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Mac Palmer Scholarship

Palmer Foodservice - 08/18/2015

In 2012 Palmer Foodservice began an employee funded scholarship for employees, children of employees, and grandchildren of employees. This scholarship was created in honor of Mac Palmer.

Mac Palmer is the son of our founder, Jack Palmer, and transformed this company into what it is today! His beliefs and values are instilled in every Palmer employee and we strive to continue to grow on everything he built. Mac placed education very high on his priorities list which is why this scholarship is so dear to our hearts!

The first scholarship was awarded in August of 2012, and we are very proud to say that the Mac Palmer Scholarship has grown in every way!

This year we had a total of six recipeints for our wonderful scholarship and we couldn't be more proud! Below are a few pictures from our luncheon where we get to meet the new and catch up with the veteran recipients, three of our six were able to attend and we know that they are going to do great this school year!!