The Dish

It's all about the Marketing!

Palmer Foodservice - 04/21/2016

Earlier this month we held a meeting that was entirely dedicated to our marketing programs! We revealed new and exciting things for our Little Italy program, learned about the Broaster Express program, revisited our coffee signage program, our IttiBitz and ice cream program, and our Tork dispenser program!


We are so excited to reveal our new custom Kiosk for Little Italy! This front lit kiosk will definitely pop in any location! This kiosk can be modified to fit your store perfectly, whether you want it to fit in line with your counter top or a standalone island, we can design it to your specifications! We also introduced our new flashing lit sign! This sign is a great option if you are unable to have a 3x4 lit sign outside of your store because it can hang inside in a window space. The idea behind this sign is simple, turn on the flashing sign when your pizza is hot and fresh out of the oven and turn it off when it’s gone!

Genuine Broaster Chicken is one of the best chicken programs in the market! So why would their Broaster Express program be any different? This simple program has a slightly different look with the same great quality! Delicious, crispy chicken tenders, potato wedges that have a crisp outside with a soft inside. If you would like to know more about this program, click on the image to be directed to their website or talk to your sales rep today!

And we can't forget about "the new Broaster guy" Marty! Thank you for attending our meeting.


With the warm weather setting in, ice cream is on everyone’s mind! With our variety of ice cream products we have something for everyone! Our IttiBitz program is comparable to Dip N’ Dots and is perfect for concessions, pools, or any location really! If you are looking for a full fledged ice cream program with a variety of flavors, look no further! We have a full range of Kemp’s 3 gallon ice cream flavors from Vanilla to Superman and everything in between. And last but not least, if you are looking for something that reminds you of the good old days of buying ice cream from the ice cream truck we have just the thing! Kemp’s novelty program is perfect for all locations. With an array of items such as ice cream sandwiches, orange push-pops, chocolate malt cups, and so many more, you can’t go wrong!

Our Roaster’s Alley coffee signage will bring a bright pop of color to your coffee station. This program has everything from a menu panel to frequent buyer punch cards! Ask your sales rep about this program today!!

Our SCA/Tork dispenser program allows us to bring you top of the line dispensers at no cost! Paper towel dispensers, toilet tissue dispensers, soap dispensers and napkin dispensers! With options to choose from in each category there is something for every type of location!  


Thank you to all of the vendors who were featured in our sales meeting and for helping us put on a GREAT marketing display!