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American Foods Group and an American Holiday

Palmer Foodservice - 06/30/2016

American Foods Group is our newest Power Partner and we couldn’t think of a better holiday to highlight them on our blog! The Fourth of July is all about summer fun and bar-b-ques. American Foods Group is the parent company for King’s Command, which is one of our biggest lines.

We stock a full line of beef patties, beef steaks, and breaded pork loins.


503440                 40/4 OZ              BEEF STEAK, SALISBURY RAW

510529                 50/3.2                BEEF STEAK, FRITTER COUNTRY FRIED

510547                 93/2.6                BEEF PATTIE, FULLY COOKED

510614                 72/2.25              BEEF STEAK, CHICKEN FRIED RAW

510615                 40/4 OZ              BEEF STEAK, FRITTER CKN FRIED RAW

510626                 30/5.3                BEEF STEAK, FRITTER RAW

510657                 48/5 OZ              BEEF PATTIE, OLD FASHION F/C

510660                 64/3.75              BEEF PATTIE, OLD FASHION F/C

510667                 54/3 OZ              BEEF PATTIE, OLD FASHION F/C

510675                 80/3 OZ              BEEF STEAK, SALISBURY COOKED

512261                 64/2.5                BEEF STEAK, FRITTER CHICKEN FRIED

513460                 27/6 OZ              BEEF STEAK, SALISBURY RAW

517545                 36/4.5                PORK, LOIN PATTIE BREADED

521917                 46/3.5                PORK, FRITTER BREADED PARFRIED

528367                 240/1 OZ            BEEF STEAK, FINGER CNTRY FRIED F/C

536125                 96/2.5                BEEF STEAK, FULLY COOKED 2.5

572170                 2/5 LB                 CHICKEN, BREAST FAJITA MEAT FC

572575                 64/2.4                PORK, LOIN FRITTER BREADED FC

572581                 40/4 OZ              BEEF, PHILLY STEAK

573994                 32/4.5                BEEF STEAK, CHICKEN PAR FRIED USDA


With so many choices to choose from the summer meals are endless! Take a look at some of the beautiful plate presentation from our last sales meeting!





If you are looking for a little extra to jazz up your desserts for this holiday, check out some of these patriotic recipes we found! Click on the picture to be taken to the proper site for the recipe.



Have a very happy and safe Independence Day!