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Spring Recipes with Hormel

Palmer Foodservice - 03/08/2017

Spring is officially creeping in. We have started to see the new buds of trees and other plants, and many of us are having serious allergies. We are all, however, waiting for the warm weather to be consistent. As we settle into March and start thinking of new and fun recipes for spring, I wanted to bring your attention to our line of Hormel meats.

Hormel is a well-known household name, so you can guarantee that the quality is impeccable. We stock a variety of Hormel deli meats and hams.


479584                  Beef Roast, Medium Sliced             6/2 LB

522743                  Roast Beef, Slice                               6/2 LB

524211                  Turkey Breast, O/Roasted FZN        6/2 LB

524210                  Turkey Breast, O/Roasted                6/2 LB



527255                  Ham, Buffet Style Flat MenuMaster             2/10 LB

515696                  Ham, Honey Smoked Sliced                         4/3 LB

543688                  Ham, Pitt Smoked                                            2/15 LB

543689                  Ham, Pitt Smoked FZN                                   2/15 LB

539493                  Ham, Sl. Smoked Econ FZN                          6/2 LB

532542                  Ham, Sliced Smoked                                       6/2 LB

515223                  Ham, Steak 4 oz                                               4/3 LB


Needing a few recipes to add to your menu?

Turkey BLT

Adding Hormel Oven Roasted Turkey Breast will add a fresh kick to your sandwich

Turkey & Swiss Cheese Sliders
Using our mini hamburger buns (Palmer ID 562791) layout the bottom half of the bun in a deep dish baking pan, load with Hormel Oven Roasted Turkey  Breast and Swiss cheese (Palmer ID 326651), place the top half of the bun on top. Brush tops of buns with melted butter if desired. Bake in oven until cheese is melted. Serve hot.

French Dip Minis

Use mini hamburger buns (Palmer ID 562791) and assemble by layer Hormel Roast Beef and provolone Cheese (Palmer ID 188217) in between top and bottom halves. Place sandwiches in oven until the cheese melts. Serve with a side of Au Jus (Palmer ID 365373)

Ham & Cheese Roll Ups

Using Hormel Honey Smoked Ham for this recipe and a dough sheet (Palmer ID 500500). Place the ham on the thawed dough sheet and top with Cheddar Cheese (Palmer ID 318672). Carefully and tightly roll the dough sheet into a spiral. Once rolled slice 1-2 inch servings and place on a baking sheet. Cook until dough is golden brown.


For more recipes visit Hormel's website