The Dish

Ham It Up

Palmer Foodservice - 09/12/2017

We have armed our sales force with all of the knowledge of ham. From cut to specs to label regulations, our guys have the answers!

Our wonderful partners at Hormel attended our September sales meeting this past Friday and wowed us with this presentation. Who would have thought so much went into ham!?

Let’s cover the bases: What ham is right for you?

Are you looking for a deli style ham with minimal waste?

Maybe you need something more “center of the plate” to offer for breakfast or a meat and three style lunch?

Or are you looking for something completely different that has more of a natural look to it?

Palmer ID            Description                                                               Pack Size

Deli hams:

554545                  Cooked Ham, Water Added Low Sodium                   3/10 LB

539806                  Cooked Ham, 4X4                                                   1/13 LB

554211                  Cook Ham, 4X6 Water Added Low Sodium                 2/13 LB


Center Plate

395348                  Honey Cured Ham, Water Added                                 2/12 LB

Our deli style hams come in a variety of sizes to fit your specific needs. Our low sodium hams are perfect for a heart healthy sandwich or diced up for an omelet.

Slice our Honey Cured ham thinly for a premium sandwich or slice is thick for a center of the plate lunch.


The options are endless! Ask you sales rep today what ham would be best for you!