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Tyson Red Label

Palmer Foodservice - 05/18/2018

Palmer Foodservice is very excited to partner with Tyson Foodservice to bring you so many new products!!

We are kicking off this partnership with 4 new SKUs from Tyson Red Label

The Tyson® Red Labelproduct line is the result of insights-driven culinary innovation. The product line includes the most popular flavors, sizes, and forms of chicken breast products at low prices

520419 – Crispy Chicken Breast Fillet 2/5 lb

520422 – Homestyle Chicken Breast Fillet 2/5 lb

520426 – Spicy Chicken Breast Fritter 2/5 lb

520460 – Tempura Battered Chicken Nuggets 2/5 lb


These versatile, high quality items make a great addition to any kitchen. From sandwiches to salads to center of the plate, we have you covered.