The Dish

August 3 Sales Meeting

Palmer Foodservice - 08/13/2018

Palmer Foodservice would like to thank Lamb-Weston for a wonderful presentation at our last sales meeting. This brief but informative presentation broke down the difference between an off-brand line flow fry and the Lamb-Weston premium fry. You can see in the chart below that the Lamb-Weston(left) premium fry has a better overall appeal than the off-brand (right) fry. The Lamb-Weston fries are more uniform in length and size, and they are cut longer than the off-brand fry. This has a number of benefits but the most important is that a larger, more uniform fry will provide better plate coverage. On average, a Lamb-Weston case of fries yields three servings more than an off-brand service of the same cut. That can definitely add up!

Going beyond plate coverage and initial appearance, the Lamb-Weston products contain less water, which means that when the fries are dropped into the fryer they shrink less. Another example of how the Lamb-Weston product has better plate coverage than the off brand.

If you would like to see this fry chart demonstration in person please reach out to your sales rep today!


Our sales meeting that followed was equally as informative. We featured Brakebush, Smithfield, Toluca Foods, Lamb-Weston, and Tyson. With a variety of foods and quite a few new items, we did not leave hungry!

Ask your salesman about a few of their favorite items!