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Featured Vendor: Lamb-Weston

Palmer Foodservice - 06/25/2019

At Lamb Weston, we apply our inventive thinking to everything we do. Founded in 1950, as a small family business, we've earned and continue to earn-our reputation as an industry pioneer and one of the world's leading suppliers of frozen potato products.

182450 Muncher, Round Cheddar Bite

Muncher, RD Cheddar & Chili Pepper

182452 Muncher, Pepper Shape Cheddar
399240 Fry, Potato Sweet Things
508257 Potatoes, Chrss Cuts Frozen Sweet
512124 French Fry, Cottage
544489 Potato, Super Slices Time Savor
545188 French Fry, Microbrew Platter
550007 Potato, Sweet Mashed 
555022 Potato, Oval Sliced Natural Skin On

Potato, Natural Chip (Fresh)

555032 French Fry, Season Criss Cut
555037 Potato Cubes, Breakfast 
555044 Potato, Spiced Crispy Cubes
555555 Tater Puffs (bake or fry)

Lamb-Weston has an extensive line of products. Talk to your salesman today about how you can add a new fry to your menu!