Experience three generations of Foodservice and Product Distribution

Who we serve


Grocery and Convenient Store Delis

Local Restaurants

Day cares

Concession stands and more!

Sales Consulting

We work with our vendors on developing a pricing strategy to maximize profits while keeping costs attainable and fair. Accurate pricing is pivotal for your business to succeed and reach the next level of profitability.

Product Availability

When you are seeking a product, Palmer Foodservice not only has it in stock but also has it at the moment you need it. As a retailer, we understand keeping products on your shelves is important and we go the extra mile to be there when inventory is needed.

Who We Serve

We have an extensive customer base. We service everyone from local/mom&pop restaurants, convenient store delis, grocery store delis, daycares, concession stands, water parks, and more. We’d love to be your foodservice distributor.

Family Owned

With more than 70 years in the foodservice business, we place a great emphasis on relationships and what it takes to keep your business moving smoothly. Our team is quick and nimble when it comes to operations and can move faster than many other companies when delivering products to your doors.

Products & Services

Palmer Foodservice offers a wide mix of food products which range from beverages to labeled products, all the while sticking to our roots as a Unipro Plus produce distributor. Quality is standard with every product we offer, and that has helped us build our name and trust within the foodservice industry. 


In addition to our array of products, we also offer several programs to help your business generate revenue such as Little Italy and Broaster Chicken, among others. We’re always striving to present the best products to our customers because we understand your success is built upon our service. 

Areas we serve

With our location in Shelbyville, Tennessee, we are centrally located and can deliver products to many areas with a quick turnaround time.


Our proximity to Interstate 24 and Interstate 65 allows us to ship within a short timeframe to areas such as northern Alabama and southern Kentucky. To view our distribution area and learn more about how to join the Palmer Foodservice team, visit our About page.